Acute Injuries

Acute injuries
  • Acute injuries

    usually occur as a result of a single traumatic event
  • Acute injuries

    occur in a variety of settings including the sporting field, the work place and at home.
  • Our team of physiotherapists believe in the accurate diagnosis and management of acute injuries and provide a variety of treatments to alleviate symptoms such pain, inflammation, swelling and loss of function.
  • We understand the importance of providing our patients injury prevention strategies as acute symptoms settle.
  • Our team of physiotherapists are experienced in the management of a wide variety of acute injuries including
    • Acute sprains

      of joints such as the ankle, knee and wrist
    • Ruptured (torn) ligaments

      e.g. Ruptured knee (eg. ACL, MCL) and ankle ligaments
    • Dislocated

      Patella (Knee cap)

    • Torn meniscus (cartilage) at the knee
    • Dislocated shoulder

    • Acute

      neck or Back pain

    • Acute


      (Jaw) injury
    • Acute muscle strains and tears e.g. Hamstring and Calf tears