Chronic and Overuse Conditions

Chronic and Overuse Conditions such as hamstring injuries
  • Chronic and overuse conditions develop for a variety of reasons, usually developing slowly over a period of time.
  • Performances on the sporting field and in daily activities are often affected.
  • Our team of physiotherapists believe in identifying and addressing all factors contributing to overuse injuries. These may include
    • Changes in training routine and changes in playing surfaces.
    • Muscle and tendon imbalances
    • Muscle weakness
    • Growth related factors such as rapid growth spurts in the adolescent athlete
    • Poor posture
    • Poor footwear and poor foot postures
  • Our team of physiotherapists is experienced in the treatment and care of a wide variety of Chronic Conditions including
    • Patello-Femoral

      (Knee cap) Pain

    • Patella tendinosis


      Achilles tendinosis

    • Arthritis

    • Chronic muscle strains and tears
    • Shoulder
      • Rotator Cuff

        tears and dysfunction
      • Impingement syndromes
      • Throwing disorders in the athlete
    • Chronic

      neck and back pain

    • Chronic Jaw (


      ) pain
    • Chronic heel pain (eg.

      Plantar fasciitis

    • Hip Bursitis and tendinosis