Neck Pain

Neck Pain
  • Neck pain can prevent us from enjoying the best out of our lives.
  • It can be a single acute episode or an ongoing, chronic debilitating problem.
  • Our team of physiotherapists includes a Post Graduate trained Manipulative Physiotherapist and we are experienced in the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management and prevention of neck injuries.
  • Whiplash associated injuries can result from a variety of causes including motor vehicle accidents.
  • Headaches occur due to a wide variety of causes, however the neck (cervical spine) is a common culprit in the cause of headache symptoms.
  • We understand and offer strategies to correct the common contributing factors involved in neck pain such as
    • Stiff joints
    • Poor posture such as
      • Sitting posture
      • Computer work postures
      • Reading posture
    • Weak muscles
    • Tight muscles
    • Poor movement patterns in daily activities

Our team of physiotherapists aim to source the cause of the neck pain, and offer our patients a variety of treatment, exercises and management strategies to relieve pain and prevent recurrence.