Sports Injuries

  • Sports injuries occur in a variety of settings ranging from the acute on field injury to the persistent overuse injury.
  • Our team of physiotherapists includes a titled “APA Sports Physiotherapist” and we are experienced in the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management and prevention of Sports injuries.
  • We believe in the accurate diagnosis and management of sports injuries and provide a variety of treatments to return you to peak performance as soon as possible
  • Our team of physiotherapists believe in identifying and addressing all factors contributing to your sporting injury.
  • We believe in educating our patients in sports injury prevention strategies.
  • Our team of physiotherapists are experienced in the management of a wide variety of sports injuries including:
    • Acute


      of joints such as the ankle, knee and wrist
    • Ruptured (torn) ligaments e.g. Ruptured knee (eg. ACL) and ankle ligaments
    • The

      dislocated shoulder

    • Muscle strains

      and tears e.g.

      hamstring and calf tears

    • Corked thighs

    • Chronic conditions such as
      • Patello-Femoral

        (Knee cap) Pain

      • Patella tendinosis and

        Achilles tendinosis

      • Shoulder impingement pain syndromes