Who We Treat

Our team of physiotherapists welcome people of all ages, all levels of sports and all levels of participation. We are a family friendly practice and have had the pleasure of treating several generations of families during our long established time of practicing in the Forest area.

We are experienced in treating

  • People of all ages and activities
    • Children
    • Adolescents
    • Adults
    • Aged patients
  • Sports People
    • All levels of athletes , ranging from the weekend warrior to the Olympic Athlete.
    • All ages of athletes , ranging from the child and adolescent athlete to the veteran athlete. We have a practice special interest in treating injuries in the adolescent athlete.
    • All varieties of sports including
      • Team events such as Netball, Basketball, All Rugby codes, Football, AFL, Hockey, Volleyball and Cricket
      • Individual events such as athletics, running, tennis, skiing, cycling, triathalon and golf
      • Dance and gymnastic disciplines
      • Water events such as swimming, surfing and sailing
  • The Injured Worker